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Are you getting the results you want from your Resume?

There is good news and bad news about resumes. The good news: Resumes are powerful marketing tools that can open doors to exciting job opportunities. The bad news: Resumes are powerful marketing tools and are usually the first - and maybe only - glimpse an employer gets of you.

In my experience, people who feel the most confident about their resumes demonstrate plenty of results (both quantitative and qualitative), position themselves for the job the want NEXT, and have little trouble lifting the words from the page and effectively promoting themselves during an interview. In other words, they really know themselves from their accomplishments to where they are headed next.

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Why People Leave Jobs

This topic never ceases to fascinate me, because the issue of staying or going is rarely about the money. People will stay (or leave) jobs because of....people! As a former HR Professional I have seen plenty of employees come and go in the different jobs I have held over the years. I have also listened to lots of complaints, which have mostly been about working with people, from difficult co-workers to poor managers.

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Stand Out!

When it comes to your career, there's no question that standing out is key to getting ahead. It's important to remember that performing outstanding work is not the same thing as actively making yourself stand out. Getting ahead takes staying visible, seizing opportunities to promote yourself, and building credibility.

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