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Flash Blog Post: When You Only Have 10 Minutes

Jan 29 2017

Time is a funny thing. It seems we never have enough of it these days. Here’s how to put just 10 minutes to use when it comes to making your career goals happen:

1.   Practice your pitch

2.   Compose and send one new networking email

3.   Write your to do list – for the week

4.   Meditate on a career challenge

5.   Organize your space

6.   Write down your top three strengths

7.   Research someone new to connect with on LinkedIn

8.   Read that article you have been putting off for when you have the time

9.   Research and sign up for one networking event

10.  Schedule your 10 minutes for the next day

We can all find 10 minutes to work on our career goals. It might take some focus, and a bit of determination, but routinely setting aside 10 minutes a day is a great career management tactic, not to mention a healthy habit you are forming. Remember that doing more and thinking less is the way to reach your goal. 

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