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What You Can Learn From Carrie Fisher's Career

Jan 16 2017

“I’ll never be known for my work with boundaries.” –Carrie Fisher

Fearless heroine, princess, cool under pressure, formidable female force, resilient, powerful voice, battling and overcoming adversity, change agent, unapologetic, author, mental health advocate, loving daughter, razor wit, always herself. 

This is just some of what jumps to mind when I think about Carrie Fisher and her career, and who she was as a person. Carrie Fisher became a master at reinventing her career after rocketing to super stardom at just 19, transforming herself from galactic princess to acclaimed author and screenwriter, and openly sharing her dramas with Hollywood life and even exorcising her personal demons through her art. Her life’s experiences were made public largely because she chose to share them, and she was unapologetically herself, owning every bit of it.

What can we learn from Carrie Fisher when it comes to our careers? Well, being pretty fearless – and being true to oneself – is a good start.  Building on our strengths, identifying and growing what makes us unique, and taking risks without knowing the rewards is another.

Carrie Fisher built on one of her natural skills that she would also become well known for: writing. Screenplays for many memorable movies were fine-tuned through her contributions, and she spoke of how writing was therapeutic for her, even at the young age of 12. When she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in her adult life she took on a new role over the years, adding another memorable layer to her lengthy career: becoming a fearless voice and advocate for mental health.

Carrie Fisher is a great example of a memorable brand. She embodied and released an authentic voice that shines when there are no apologies for who you are and what makes you different. She also chose to build on her strengths and make them known, risking to express who she was and what made her so unique, becoming an unforgettable force, not just in a galaxy far, far away, but right here on Earth.

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