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What does Labor Day Mean to You?

Sep 02 2014

American labor conditions in the late 1800s were truly atrocious. Families - and even children - were forced to work seven days a week, often for 12 hours a day in order to simply put food on the table. Add to that unsafe, unsanitary working conditions, and even death...your job could literally kill you. This holiday is a tribute to those who took a stand and changed history, bringing about lasting changes to the way people work and the environments in which they spent the majority of their time.

Since most of us spend a minimum of 40 hours a week at work (and most likely considerably more), Labor Day is also a good day to reflect on your own professional happiness. Aside from enjoying the unofficial last day of summer, what does Labor day mean to you?

For example, if you work for a domineering boss, how toxic has your work environment become? More importantly, how can you change it?

If you're struggling beneath the weight of picking up the slack due to layoffs and reductions-in-force at your organization, how are you dealing with burnout? How can you start taking care of yourself and do something about it?

Are you in the wrong career altogether and dreading each day once the alarm jolts you awake? Or, worse, does your job keep you up at night? Well, what are you willing to do about it? How can you start moving from where you are to discovering the right career that lies ahead?

Let the brave souls who changed the face of the workplace inspire you to change your own working conditions for the better. This year, give Labor Day an even more personal meaning by getting the help you need to improve your professional satisfaction.

Start with challenging your own thought processes and start answering important questions like:

  • What has kept me working for a terrible boss? Why am I still in a toxic environment?
  • How long has this burnout been going on? How is it affecting my well-being?
  • How can I start discovering the career that is right for me? Who can help me get there?

Decide that you can do something about your situation...and you will be on your way. Need help? We at Traverse can help you not only improve your personal and professional satisfaction levels, but we will show you in fact it is possible.

What one change would make the biggest impact on your job satisfaction?

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