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Interviewing & Non-Verbal Communication

Aug 14 2014

Ever wonder what your non-verbals say to others? Studies have shown that non-verbal cues outrank the actual words you say in terms of how favorably you are evaluated and the impression you leave behind. How you manage your non-verbals, and more importantly, how aware you are of what you are saying (without uttering a word) is key to getting what you want.

Have you ever shown up to an interview with sweaty palms? We've all been there.

What you may not realize is that your knees are also shaking, your eyes are darting around the room, and you are pulling on your collar or smoothing your skirt repetitively. All these cues allow the recipient to learn a LOT about you before you even get the chance to speak. How can you help minimize this?

For starters, it's huge if you are able to simply notice them. It's important to be aware that not only do your palms sweat but you also have a tendency to jiggle your right knee. Just realizing this puts you ahead of the game since you can get to work on eliminating them. Another way to end the twitches is to focus. So, for example, keeping your focus on the questions being asked by the interviewer is a great way to get your mind off the nerves galloping through your body.

And the #1 way? Be prepared.

It goes without saying that you should ALWAYS be prepared when interviewing, but preparation is critical to managing the many twists and turns that come with a career. With this prepartion, interviewing for the next job will become easier and easier, but you can show up in a calm and prepared way no matter the scenario.


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