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In today's workplace one thing is certain: change is constant. As people demand greater professional and personal satisfaction, an evolving global economy requires an increasingly self-directed workforce. At Traverse, we understand the importance of intersecting individual and organizational goals. More importantly, we understand how supporting these goals in a new economy results in a more accountable workforce, greater career satisfaction, and better business results.


Client Testimonials

  • "Traverse Management Solutions helped me evaluate if partnership was right for me and identify alternative careers and courses of action for achieving professional satisfaction. Ellen's detailed knowledge of the business and legal community helped direct me toward new opportunities for increasing my network and getting what I want out of my career. She encouraged and supported me in my intra-firm communications, so that I have become more confident in making the partners aware of my professional accomplishments outside of the firm. For each personal and professional goal that I expressed, Traverse Management Solutions worked with me to develop a strategy for success so that I now have the tools to achieve a balanced and satisfying life."
    - Senior Attorney, Large Law Firm, Washington, DC
  • "Not only did I gain a greater awareness of what I truly want in terms of my career, but working with Traverse helped me become more pro-active in my current job. The tools and exercises were added benefits to discovering what I want long term both professionally and personally."
    – Restaurant Manager, New York City
  • "For the past year Ellen has helped me create, refine, and act on goals to improve my performance as an attorney and also the perception of my performance. In particular, Ellen has helped me improve my communication skills, create and leverage internal and external networks, and become more assertive and proactive in approaching problems and potential opportunities. Ellen is particularly skilled at helping to evaluate difficult issues, brainstorm avenues for dealing with them, and create "Action Item Plans" to act on them in a specific and productive manner. She has helped me get out of my "comfort zone" and take charge of my career. Working with Ellen has been a great investment in my career!"
    - Attorney, Washington, DC law firm
  • "The group coaching I participated in helped me identify the key things I want from my career. I benefited from understanding that I wanted to change industries, and Ellen helped me identify the transferable skills that will allow me to gain employment in a new field. Her excellent guidance on how to present myself to a new employer helped me write a resume that highlighted my accomplishments as well as my skills. I no longer view my past work experience as limiting my options!"
    - Photo Researcher, Internationally Renowned Magazine
  • "Working with Traverse absolutely changed my life. I was able to gain the confidence, focus and courage that I needed to pursue my dream of being a writer. After only a few sessions, I took the first big step toward my dream and sold the very first article I ever wrote!"
    - Freelance writer, Washington, DC


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