Career Hack: What To Do When Waiting For Your Interview To Begin

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You’ve arrived at your interview early, or with a few minutes to spare — great! Congratulations on not being late.

However, you may find yourself in that “hurry up and wait” zone of discomfort: forced to bide your time until the interview begins.

Let’s think about how you can make the most of this transition.

Instead of:
Spending your time wiping away beads of sweat, wishing the whole thing was over already, or, worse, wondering how many ways you will flop…

Using this time to your advantage. Here’s how:

Personalize your interactions from the moment you arrive, whether that’s with a security guard, receptionist, or HR point of contact. Creating a banter with everyone you meet onsite can actually improve your performance, since it forces you to focus on that individual and get out of your own thoughts. And remember, first impressions are incredibly critical during this phase of the interview process.

Look around. You can glean very important data from the surroundings. Watch how employees interact, and observe (keenly) how YOU feel in this environment. If no one talks to each other, that is data. If people seem to be rushing or frowning or, best of all, stop and say hello to you, that is great data as well. What does this tell you about the organization, and would you want to work here?

Use what you collect in your interview. You notice how beautiful the skyline is, how inviting the décor is, how personable the people are — so take a moment to say so. This is more than just making small talk. Whatever positive (and authentic) feedback you can give your interviewers will define you as not only observant, but also someone who is energized by what others have worked hard to build.

Try these tips and you will notice how much more relaxed, authentic, and at ease you are — the perfect set-up for walking into that interview and giving your best performance. ~ Ellen


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