Career Hack: How to Get Your Head Back in the Game When Job Hunting

Traverse Career Hack™: A creative solution, strategy, shortcut, or tactic to help you navigate your career challenge with greater skill or efficiency.

If you feel frustrated by your job search (e.g., it’s taking too long, you are getting super close but no offers, there are few bites on your resume), you might need to get some mojo back.

Instead of: Continuing to wonder why you are not experiencing success, and getting so discouraged you ultimately declare you will never find a job….

Try: Getting your head back in the game. Refocus your actions and assess where you are putting your energy.

  1. Ask yourself: “What is frustrating me?” Write down immediately what comes to mind. Whether your answer is “I am not getting a job quickly enough,” “People aren’t calling me back,” or “I have no idea if my resume is any good” you have a starting point that will unlock the solutions.
  2. Check in with your emotions. Emotions play a huge role in job hunting. If you’re frustrated for a long period of time, it’s natural to want to give up. Becoming aware of those feelings can prevent you from reaching that point. For example, if you feel let down after an interview because no one followed up, take initiative yourself. It will feel much more empowering to reach out and ask your point of contact for feedback and next steps.
  3. Decide to be more strategic. Notice I said decide. Getting your head back in the game often means making a conscious decision. For example, if you find that you are relying exclusively on online job ads, it’s time to diversify. View job hunting as something that requires many tools. Evaluate your LinkedIn profile to determine what is missing or can be enhanced. Do the same with your resume. Look to your network; these individuals can accelerate your job search by connecting you with others – even people inside a company you want to work for.

It’s common to feel frustrated when job hunting. These tips will help you get un-stuck so you can keep at it -– and get your head back in the game!

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