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Career Coaching for Individuals

To build a successful career and enjoy greater professional satisfaction, you need help navigating the unknown or unfamiliar, and gaining clarity on your next step.

Our career coaching services are designed to fit your needs so you can learn how to take charge of your career and discover greater professional—and personal—fulfillment.

Some career challenges take longer to resolve, while others require more immediate, short-term assistance, and for that we offer On-the-Spot Coaching. Learn about our services and take the next step today.

Job Search Coaching

Be the Candidate of Choice

Job hunting today requires a diversified approach to help you advance successfully at each stage of the process and become the clear candidate of choice.

Networking, storytelling, and negotiating are all critical elements to not just finding a job, but winning the job you want.

And to gain the competitive advantage, you must have marketing tools that reflect your unique story and skill set.

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Job search coaching services include resume revision, interview preparation and negotiation, and job search tool development. Services can be purchased separately or as a complete package. Some clients only need help with preparing for an interview or updating a resume, while others need more time and tools to yield better results.

Resume Revision:

  • Review of resume in its current form (no judgement!) for content, formatting, and first impressions
  • Intake and analysis of career accomplishments, strengths, skills, and examples
  • Reformatting to market results, strengthen language, tell a compelling story, and include key words
  • Coaching on storytelling and techniques to leverage your resume when job searching

Interview Preparation and Negotiation:

  • One-on-one intensive interview preparation, including role-playing
  • Techniques to help you confidently illustrate your story and become an equal contributor during the interview
  • Exercises to improve recall of your examples in the face of tough interview questions
  • Key questions to ask before and after an interview
  • Post-interview coaching, with strategic follow-up tactics
  • Coaching on negotiating a job offer based on market research, assessing your personal values, and knowing your worth

Job Search Tool Development:

  • Review and analysis of your existing job search and marketing tools (LinkedIn and other social media profiles, cover letter, networking emails, personal website if applicable, etc.)
  • Expert revision and optimization of these tools—or, we’ll help you create them
  • Coaching on how to strategically use your job search and marketing tools

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Personal Branding

Stand Out From Your Competition

Creating and leveraging a powerful personal brand is central to navigating all modern-day career challenges.

Learning how to build and communicate your brand allows you to drive your career with greater confidence and enjoy greater professional and personal success.

What’s even better? You bring your authentic self to what you do for a living and follow your own path—not someone else’s.

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Personal Branding Services Include: 

  • Assessment and analysis of the totality of your personal brand
  • Exercises to identify your strengths and natural talents, clarify your values, and pinpoint your passions
  • Creating your elevator pitch, a vital tool you can use to quickly communicate your brand when interviewing and networking
  • Coaching on strengthening your brand to ensure your audience is clear about who you are, what you offer, and what makes you different

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Career Transition

Navigate Your Transition With Clarity

Today, people will change jobs 10+ times over the course of their working lives, and change careers up to 7 times.

That’s a lot of change—which can be voluntary (“I am choosing to make this transition in pursuit of greater career fulfillment”) or involuntary (“I am losing my job”).

Successfully transitioning into “what’s next” requires both clarity and confidence to move forward.

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Career Transition Services Include: 

  • Assessments and exercises to determine your strengths and to explore possible careers, industries, or professions
  • Expert coaching to help you gain clarity on who you are and what you want to do
  • Emotional support in making your career transition a reality
  • The ability to move forward with purpose (not panic!) by setting clear goals and formulating an action plan

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On-the-Spot Coaching

Sometimes you have a pressing career challenge that arises quickly or unexpectedly. For these exact situations, we offer a quick-turnaround service to give you immediate, expert attention.

Includes: A 30/60/90-minute coaching session, scheduled within 48 hours, to resolve your specific career challenge.

Click to read a few sample career challenges that require on-the-spot attention:

“A recruiter called me out of the blue and wants me to interview for a really interesting position—and I am not even job hunting! How do I handle it?”

“I received TWO job offers and need to make the right decision.”

“I have my performance evaluation coming up and I want to ask for a raise.”

“I am applying for a spot in a professional development program and I really want to be selected! I need help strengthening my application.”

“I am resigning and I want to negotiate severance.”

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