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One-on-One Executive Coaching

One-on-One Executive Coaching

At times, your executive talent may benefit from outside, expert assistance in navigating complex career challenges that come with being in a top leadership role at your organization.

Traverse offers one-on-one coaching for key talent who need help building or strengthening an executive presence, showcasing their accomplishments and expertise, building a personal brand, and making a much greater impact on the success of your organization.

“I personally used Ellen a number of years ago to coach me, and I currently have engaged her to provide leadership coaching to two members of my organization’s senior staff team. She’s fantastic – she provides real-world solutions and spurs the individual being coached toward action-based awareness and decisions. She’s not afraid to present other ways of handling difficult situations.” -VP, Human Resources

HR Managers, strengthen and retain your valuable talent!

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When you engage with a career coach, you can expect to:

  • Clarify your personal values and pinpoint your passions
  • Answer powerful, introspective questions
  • Brainstorm (and lots of it!)
  • Identify plans of action and build a roadmap to reaching goals
  • Discover what makes you unique
  • Feel empowered to make change
  • Navigate career challenges with greater ease

Get the support, motivation and expertise you have been looking for. Engage with us today! 

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Talent Management

Change is – and will continue to be – a constant in today’s world of work. Traverse offers executive coaching to retain your top talent, career management workshops that drive a more self-sufficient workforce, and personalized career transition services that protect your employer brand.

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Personal Branding

Branding: It’s not just for big companies. When you invest in this powerful career management tool, you send a clear and consistent message about what makes you, you. Let Traverse guide you through the process of developing your personal brand.

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Job Search Coaching

Frustrated by your job search?  Suspect your resume isn’t cutting it?  Need more confidence when interviewing, networking, and negotiating? We can help you navigate your job search and position yourself as the clear candidate of choice.

Spring Cleaning for Your Career

Do you ever wish you could figure out just how to get rid of that residue, build-up and overall icky feeling that accumulates when you don’t tend to your career? If you are determined to tackle your yard, a home project, or rid yourself of clutter this spring, imagine facing your career in exactly the same way! With the tools below, you can prepare yourself for a new season and enjoy greater career satisfaction.

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Loving The Job You Have

“Thinking out loud…..that maybe we found love right where we are.”

I can’t get Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud” out of my head these days. Maybe it’s the constant looping, the fact that it’s a pretty endearing tune, or maybe because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

So it got me thinking out loud about the number one issue people hire me to help them with: job dissatisfaction. Following our very first coaching session, many of my clients with this career challenge actually find themselves thinking differently about the job they have after our conversation. Could they in fact be happier right where they are? If so, what is getting in the way?

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Success Story: New Job In Less than 8 Weeks

Erica contacted us when she got the word from her boss that she was being let go. Her ten-year tenure at her organization would come to a grinding halt in just 60 days. She was not only unprepared for the news, but also completely perplexed as to what move to make next. Erica contacted us for help, and she purchased the Traverse Accelerated Job Search package.

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5 Ways to Make Your 2015 Career Resolutions Stick

If you’re like me, you love what a new year brings: the chance to do something different, start something new, change something about your life for the better. A new year offers a clean slate, an opportunity to start fresh, a chance to turn the page on the past.

So why is it so hard to stick to those new goals we make with such resolve, ambition and determination when January rolls around?

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Mom Success Story: From Corporate Career to Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

After almost nine years with a well-known insurance company, Justine made the decision to leave her job while on maternity leave with child number two. Deep down she had always wanted to stay at home with her kids, but when she took the plunge to trade corporate life for tender moments with her young children, she wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

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